Housing Rehabilitation

housing1The members of the Aiken Corporation and ADDA always strived to rehabilitate housing units in the City’s downtown. During the 1980s there were numerous vacant houses that did not attract visitors, businesses or residents. The members of the Aiken Corporation and ADDA had a plan to renovate these houses and to attract people to move and live in downtown. They loaned funds up to $75,000 for two years without interest to owners interested in rehabilitating vacant homes. Throughout this effort twelve homes were upgraded, refinished, and put back on the market for resale or rent.



housing2Three projects–the Apartments Above Businesses project, The Residential Infill project, and the Thomasson Bed & Breakfast projects– have provided more residential units in the downtown. According to Mr. Wade Brodie these projects “proved what we thought would happen–that there is a good market for people wanting to live downtown.” The project to develop living quarters over store fronts resulted in the creation of 13 new apartments. The program was supported by loans of $5,000, interest free repayable $1,000 per year.